El Dorado Power Plant
Boulder, NV
ACC DCS Modifications
1994 - 2019  25 YEARS
Mr. Brown is a 40 year Senior Life member of the
Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers.
  In 1988 I started porting programs from main frame to PC  for Mr. John
Cooper PE, under my wife's company - Computer Technical Services (CTS).  
Mr. Cooper wrote Cooling tower programs to design large natural draft cooling
 John Arntson Phd. of Zurn Cooling Towers heard of my services and
asked me to develop software to speed up the process of drafting the Natural
Draft Design Curves.  This was extended to cover Mechanical Draft Cooling
Towers.  The speed up created Design Curves in about a minute using
Autocad on a drawing with Zurn's border and logo.  Later, for Zurn Dry
Cooling, I ported a German Language Air Cooled Condenser (ACC) analysis
program to PC.  
In 1992, I wrote the control logic for ACC's in SAMA syntax for SEMASS and
at the same time started to work with the City of Dunedin Water Treatment
plant on their Greensand Filter PL
C through LA Water.  After these two
projects, I was
advised by another engineer that I needed to be working under
a licensed
engineering company as I was signing and sealing plans.  
n September of 1994, The ficticious name CTS Engineering was filed and
licensed in Florida as CA 7016.  In the 25 years since then, I've worked with
most major cooling tower and ACC companies as well as a selection of Water
Treatment design companies.