El Dorado Power Plant
Boulder, NV
ACC DCS Modifications
Mr. Brown is a 38 year Senior Life member of the
Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers.
What a year so far.  Started by finishing Units 3, 4 & 5 of the Mobile SWRO plants at the same time finding bad
components in a Control Panel at the City of Dunedin Water Treatment Plant.

Then deliver
ed control drawings for Caroll County Power Plant ACC, a Korean Hybrid Cooling Tower outside
of Inchon, and attended a  Final Acceptance Test at Emerson Ovation for a plant in Texas.  

This was followed by engineering the electricals for the Palisades Nuclear Power plant Michigan, the second of
a two part delivery and continued electrical work at the local concrete plant topped by delivering  control logic
for the Keys Energy center, Maryland.

Then I designed and installed a 120v panel for a stressing jack upgrade to digital instrumentation.  Delivered
control logic for the first
of two power plants in Massachusetts.

Debugged and repaired an 5kw RV Generator, delivered control logic for
the second power plant in

I then optimized costs for 480v 3ph pumping station at a marina and designed it, working with the local power
utility.  The construction of this pumping station is pending available time and better temperatures in

All this followed by the design of control logic for a plant in Monterrey, Mexico and another in Pennsylvania
(the 3rd in PA).   And debugged an ice machine for a local customer.  

Shortly, I'll be pulling permits for a building in downtown Palm Harbor, while rewiring a 25hp compressor at the
concrete plant and rebuilding the 480v 3ph pumping station at Homeport Marina.