El Dorado Power Plant
Boulder, NV
ACC DCS Modifications
Mr. Brown is a 40 year Senior Life member of the
Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers.
    My last printed words from 2017 were "Only time will tell."   What  a year!  
Disastrous to say the least.  While having problems with the Comptroller of
another company I'm associated with, my own health came to the forefront
with angina, then open heart surgery and a triple bypass.  The bypass has
added 20 years to my life and I shall make the most of it.
   There was no new Air Cooled Condenser logic, cooling tower electrical, no
Hybrid or heat exchanger design.  The first time that's happend in 20 years.  
Some of the clients have folded, others have cut back staff and some have
been sold off to foreign entities or bought up.  
   What part Trump's steel tariffs played is of major concern.  How do you
price a $20,000,000 project when 95% of it is based on the cost of Chinese
steel.  Within my own family, the impact of his government shutdown was felt
with one son not getting paid thru the Christmas holiday BUT REQUIRED TO
   The good news for 2018 is that after 26 years, the City of Dunedin Water
Treatment plant continues to be a client.  I'm proud to have that association.
   The headlines for 2018 should have read "40 YEARS AN ENGINEER".  It
was September of 1978 that I graduated from Penn State and started my
career beginning with Sperry Microwave.  It has been an adventure.  My big
trips working at Sperry was Damn Neck Virginia and Ft Myers, FL.
   Later, my travels included Canada to Mexico, Taipai to Uzbekistan, Sweden
to South Africa.