Computer Technical Services
CTS Now 37 Years

37 Years ago Patricia Brown, Computer Technical Services (CTS)  
became the answer to growing demand for personal computers and
accessories.  At first, Pat catered to real estate agents who needed
qualified technicians to set up their office and home terminals for
access to the Multiple Listing Services (MLS) and CTS provided the

Times changed, PC's and networking invaded every corner of life.  
The company grew with offices in Tampa, and Palm Harbor.  Law
firms, construction companies and medical facilities shifted from high
cost computer time share to on-site computers with networks
integrating the new Internet.  Companies that previously didn't have
access to even one computer suddenly had twelve.

Today, even with the shift to PDA's,  Iphones and Ipads, there is still a
need for qualified technicians to install, and repair PC's.
Pat Brown

Patricia Brown graduated from Temple University in 1972 with her BA.
In her last year of college, she married Albert - her high school
sweetheart.  She bore the burden of a student's wife once he left the
US Navy and started at Penn State.  With one child before her
husband started college and one while at Penn State, she had her
hands full, yet still had the time and where with all to be the General
Manager of the local store.

For 6 years after her husbands graduation from Penn State, she
stayed home and raised their two children.  Her re-entrance into the
working sector was two fold, starting first as a computer parts
supplier, then becoming a real estate agent and later broker.

While real estate remained a challenge, the computer industry took
off and Pat found herself with several employees and an office on
US19.  Her customers were located from South St Pete to East
Tampa and up into Pasco County.  Pat became a Compaq Business
Solutions office and she earned her Compaq Technician Certification.

With both children grown and  living nearby with 4 grandchildren, time
has slowed down.  After years of demanding work, Pat now enjoys the
quieter life, splitting her time between her home in Homosassa (the
Ranch) and Palm Harbor (the Lake).
Wedding Photo
Pat & Albert
Temple / Penn State
Late Night Work
On a Customers
Time for Reflection

For computer repairs (laptop or desktop) from Citrus County ,
Hernando, Pasco, Pinellas and Hillsborough Counties -
    call Pat at 727 692 4797.
Pat & Albert Snorkeling in the Cayman Islands